Silverline 220
SILVERLINE 220 Black/solid Mahogany
Height 49”x W 9.25” x D 10.5”
$ 2,299/pair
Silverline 120
SILVERLINE 120 Black/solid Mahogany
Height 35,5”xW9,25”x D10,5”
$ 1,699/pair

The SILVERLINE Cabinet Models
The SILVERLINE Technology is based experiences and technology direction in the last 45 years. We also researched new processes to achieve break throughs in projects where the progress has stopped. On most speakers the midrange cone is smaller and lighter than the woofer cone in order to react fast enough on the very fast and strong dynamic impulses.

Therefore, there is a difference of reaction time and radiation of sound, between the bass- and midrange drivers that leads to a time distortion. Soloists will “ping pong” between the two cones of different weight that respond with different speed.  The sound picture changes correspondingly.

To avoid these limitations, we have made the Silverline models very strong with light fibre cones that work from the deepest bass up to 5000 Hz. We acoustically seal one and use it as a midrange and we use the other one as a bass driver. The crossover separates with only 6 dB to provide a full equally balanced sound from the lowest bass note to the highest of the midrange. The drivers have a rubber surround to provide mechanical and climatic stability for many, many years that a foam surround cannot provide.

The rounded MDF-front of the cabinet has a solid mahogany trim to minimize the turbulence when the sound waves leave the cabinet front and flow around the cabinet.

The tweeter is a high class that is normally used in products that are much hiher priced than SILVERLINE. The tweeter disperses with an angel of 160 degrees. Therefore, SILVERLINE is easier to place correctly into the room.

Enthusiasts often invest in high quality cables. The cables inside the SILVERLINE become very important. Therefore, we use gold-plated biwiring terminals and the finest silver-plated cables, made in Switzerland, with up to 511 silver plated threads spun into one single lead. No music details or dynamics are lost. The consumer does not need to think about an expensive recabeling of his Silverline.

Silverline 90

Options: Speaker stand in Black/Mahogany with 2 sets of spikes

Silverline 60
This Center speaker is for use in a Home Theatre installation near to the TV to fill the sound hole between the two front speakers. All driver elements are magnetic shielded to protect your TV

Silverline 150b Center
SILVERLINE 90 Monitor Bookshelf
H16.5”xW9,25xD10.5”  $1199/pair
SILVERLINE 60 Mini Monitor
H11.5 xW7.5xD10.5”  $849/pair
H7.9xW18.2xD7.1”  $549 each
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