PRISMA, The Sophisticated Audiophile Line with the very high value for the money.
Prisma 210

PRISMA 210 Tower, several finishes Height 41.5"xW9.25"xD10.5"
$ 1599/pair 

Prisma 110
PRISMA 110 Tower, several finishes
Height 33.6” x W9.25” x D10.25” 
1099 a pair

Prisma Center 105
PRISMA Center speaker 105
Height “ x W” x D”  $ 369 each
Prisma is a line of speakers that has received many accoladesc from being the Best Buy, to being elected as the Loud-Speaker of the Year in Norway.  We have set our highest priority to using parts and features that have a strong positive influence to the sound quality, and we have left out less important features that substantially increase the price.

The most important improvement to the new PRISMA is the very special midrange driver in which the cone and the surround is moulded in one piece. It’s installed and tested in its own dampened housing. Free from edge distortion, the midrange has an incrediblely clear and widely open sound. The crossover network becomes an extra filter that depresses the resonance peaks so they cannot negatively inflate the airy, widely open and soft treble sound of the silk dome tweeter. The dispersion angle 160 degrees allows you to fully enjoy all the music details wherever you are in the room. These improvements set new standards in the price classes of PRISMA.

All the PRISMA models have the same outstanding tweeter. Therefore, you can combine all models in a Home Theatre System, and sit where you like. You can even combine any PRISMA with any Silverline speaker.

Because PRISMA has a very high efficiency PRISMA draw less power from your amplifier than the most other speakers do. When electing PRISMA you should elect a model one number larger than estimated and the amplifier one number smaller than normal. Then you will have a system with the optimum value of your investment

PRISMA 55 Mini Bookshelf, available in several finishes.
Height 11.5"xW7.1"xD9.1"
$ 559/pair
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