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    ... here's what the audiophile professionals have to say about Kirksaeter Speaker Systems:

      Stereophile Magazine Review of Silverline 60 by Brian Damkroger
Stereophile Mag Jan 2003

       Best In Test Review of Silverline 220 Tower Speakers
Best In Test

       Bound for Sound  June 2001 Review of Silverline 60 vs AVMS AV-1 TruSoni

       Bound for Sound August 2001 Article "Synergy at a Sane Price"  <link to scanned article from Ray>


The famous first violinist of the world famous The Helsinki Philharminic Orchestera, Helsinki, Finland, Mr. Tuomas Huttunen, has like many other experts around the world become a personal fan of  KIRKSAETER SILVERLINE 60. MINI MONITOR SPEAKER. Here his comment:

"The first time I listened to SILVERLINE 60 I tried to find the subwoofer somewhere in the room...... I could not belive my ears, Listening and my eyes seeing those litle tiny speakers. I found a sound that separates all instruments and still sound natural. Now I am relaxing with KIRKSAETER SILVERLINE SPEAKERS after my working day," Toumas Huttunen.

The Helsinki Philhaminic orchestra Virtuosi di <<kuhmo