Silverline 60
The new KIRKSAETER SILVERLINE cabinet models are ready for the digital 21. Century, are you?
If you decide to buy new speakers now, be sure that you purchase speakers of the latest construction being able to handle the enormous dimension of sound coming out of the new digital media now available. New formats or languages make Computers, TV, CD, digital camcorders and cameras able to talk the same language. A black box in your home will feed the sound of all those sources to your amplifier that controls your Stereo- or Home Theater sound system.

This new sound has many times more dynamic and details than earlier days. New recording devices able you to download your latest hit from your present program and make your own CD’s like you make your music cassettes now. To be able to enjoy this new dimension of sound you need very special speakers like the new KIRKSAETER SILVERLINE models. Listen to KIRKSAETER at your dealer and you will understand why.

When you select KIRKSAETER SILVERLINE you also invest in a future modular system where all models are designed to work perfectly together in all possible combinations whether you have a two channel stereo system or seven channel Home Theater System.

Why is SILVERLINE so outstanding?
Since the end of the fifties KIRKSAETER stands for outstanding quality, reliability and progressive constructions, like the world's first production amplifier with complementary transistors and modular technology. Patents and Awards prove this. Squaring the circle is the way he comes up with unconventional and creative design. By constantly optimizing the magic triangle, the result is higher Technical innovation, Product quality and better value for money. This is the reason why he as one of the last Pioneers in High End Audio, still maintaining his position in today's global competition.
Silverline 60 is a very special cabinet speaker. It was first designed as a Mini-Monitor for monitoring of recording in studios or in the field during living recordings. The recording experts needed a small speaker easy to transport and to be used on the mixing table during the recording to get all the details of the orchestra and the soloists precisely and without any coloration to control the recording process and show the recording master all details of what he has recorded here and now.
We have redesigned this remarkable mini Monitor by means of all of our latest technologies. These technologies have let us increase the efficiency of the speaker and to lower its bass response downs to remarkable a 44 Hz. We have designed a dual working crossover network that absorbs all resonance peaks and clean the reproduction so much that we can play the Silverline 60 in huge trade show halls and still the sound picture is so detailed and full that the listener always says where is the subwoofer?

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The development of the SILVERLINE Technology has been an examination of a number of experiences and directions of the audio technology over the last 45 years. When the development progresses stop, Per Kirksaeter investigates by means of new angles of view to become a breakthrough in technology by other means. One typical example of this:

In a 3-way speakers system, the midrange cone is made smaller and lighter than the woofer cone to able fast reaction on the faster midrange impulses. A difference in the reaction time, however, leads to a time distortion. Soloists are reproduced through two cones that move with different speed and radiation. The sound picture change corresponding. To avoid this we make one very strong cone of light fiber that plays up to 6000 Hz. Therefore, in Silverline systems the woofer and the midrange have the same cone, speed and radiation. As a result the vocal voices and wooden instruments sound full, uncolored and detailed as the soloist would stay personally in front of you. Enthusiasts invest strongly in fine speaker cables. The cables inside the cabinet most manufacturers ignore. Not so by our SILVERLINE models. Here we use the finest silver plated cables made in Switzerland, each spun of 511 threads for maximum surface and for the fine music impulses. Gold plated biwiring terminals secure no oxidation in many years, so no music impulses get lost. This improves the sound substantially and is good economics because the consumers using High End audio cable do not need to think about expensive rewiring of his cabinets after his purchase. This cable is available separately. The KIRKSAETER tweeter has a radiation of 160 degrees and gives you the full range of the high frequencies regardless if the speaker is placed in the ceilings or at a wall or where you decide to listen in your room. Therefore you can place the Silverline speakers, cabinets or in-walls, wherever you like in your room and always enjoy full High End fidelity and dynamics.

Type of speaker: Music peak power:
Music peak power:
Music impulse power:

Continuous power rating, DIN:
Efficiency 1 Watt, 1 Meter
Frequency response:
Recommended amplifier:
Crossover Frequencies:
Woofer, long excursion:
Weight net
Width x Depth x Height in cm:
Width x Depth x Height In inch
Black/solid glossy Mahogany
Connection terminal:
Internal wiring:
Connecting terminal:
Internal wiring:
Speaker stand:

Mini bookshelf - Satellite
120 Watts peak
80 Watts peak to peak
45 Watts
88 dB
45 - 25 000 Hz
20 - 40 Watts
3.500 Hz, 2-ways, double
4 - 8 Ohms
15 cm coated fiber cone
25 mm soft metal Dome
5 kg, 11 Lbs
19 x 25 x 29,5 cm
7,5” x 10,5” x 11,5”
Black/Mahogany decor strips
4-poles, gold plated, Biwiring
High End silver plated cable
4-poles, gold plated, Biwiring
High End silver plated cable
Available accessory

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