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Silverstrike In Ceiling 6.5 Inch
In-Ceiling 2-Way Speaker system

High End Performance for the critical listener of music and home theatre entertainment.

The secret behind this outstanding and inexpensive product is Designed in Germany based on our 45 years of specialized Audio experience and produced in China.
The crystal clear sound picture is obtained by using a concave woofer cone of silver metal coated extruded Polypropylene driven by a 20 oz. magnet, 100 x 18 mm, that provide a strong clear bass. The 1" dome of Titanium is inserted in a textile edge and is driven by a strong magnet of Neodymium which provides the precise crystal clear treble response. The crossover network is of 2nd order equipped with Mylar condenser, air coil, a tweeter protection, a tweeter attenuator with -, linear and +, as well as 2 large golden rigid terminals for safe contact over many years free of losses.

Easy installation

Please use the enclosed template and place it where you like to have the hole. Then use a marker pen and mark the contour of the hole. Then use a drywall knife or a saw to cut out the hole.

Feed the speaker cable on the backside of the drywall down to the loudspeaker and connect the cable to the loudspeaker.
Turn the front mounting screws of the loudspeaker and the wall clamps will automatically secure the loudspeaker to the wall. Please do not tight up completely this time. Listen to the music. On the backside of the speaker you will see the crossover network with a jumper. Placed in the middle position you will get a linear frequency response. With the jumper placed on the outside point you increase, placed on the inside you decrease the treble. Tighten the screws and your installation is perfect!

Inwall construction consists of 4 parts:

Baffle with all drivers, also used as template for the hole:       
Width x Depth x Height in cm:               
Width x Depth x Height In inch       

Baffle & fixing frame press the wall by use of threaded screws.
2 part fixing frame for installation on backside of the wall, sizes

Width x Depth x Height in cm:            
Width x Depth x Height In inch    

MDF White decoration frame, may be repainted as needed:
Width x Depth x Height in cm:           
Width x Depth x Height In inch       
White textile inner cover frame:   textile easy to change.   
Connection terminal:                  Screw term, Biwiring option
Internal wiring:                           High End silver plated cable
Depth of system is measured including baffle.

TECHNICAL DATA     SILVERSTRIKE 6.5 IN-CEILING   Type of speaker:         In-Ceiling
Impedence:                8 Ohms SPL    87 dB at 1 W, 1 m
Rated power:              50 Watts peak
Amplifier:                   15 - 100 Watts   
Frequency range:       45 - 20 000 Hz    

Designed in Germany                   Made in China

Download PDF version of this data sheet here